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RFID Tag for Books Provides a Great Opportunity to Create Digital and Automated Library

On the basis of RFID technology, RFID tag for books makes it possible for small chip embedded in the sticker tags, and this kind of RFID stickers can be easily fixed on the books, which cooperates with modern library information system and offers a very good opportunity to creat digital and automated library. For better library management, a chain of RFID tags for books have recently released by DAILY RFID, a leading company who concentrates on developing and manufacturing RFID technology products. Meanwhile, through combining with the advanced RFID reader and system, RFID tag for books can also figure out a series of problems troubling librarians, including stock taking, locating, self-borrowing and book classification, etc.

Generally speaking, RFID tag for books is able to automatically identify objects and gain relevant data via radio frequency signals, and the whole recognizing process requires no human intervention, quite appropriate for various harsh environments. Moreover, RFID tags for books can be read on high-speed moving objects and allow multiple identification with matched RFID reader at the same time, which is convenient and easy to operate. At present, most of the modern libraries use the passive high frequency RFID tags for books tracking and locating. For example, HF smart label-11 works on the frequency of 13.56MHz and complies with ISO/IEC 14443 or ISO/IEC 15693 standards. With paper material and simple structure design, this small size and contactless RFID tag for books has stable performance and low cost, which makes it very suitable for large-scale application in the library. In a word, high-quality and large-capacity RFID tag has the data storage space that can store information of each book inside without the line of sight and direct contact, and RFID tag for books can read and write the information including book ID number, book name, book lending information and so on.

Unlike the traditional bar code, RFID tag for books can realize multiple objects identification and Repeatable Read function, and will play a transformative role in book circulation management, collection control and book security fields. Nowadays, numerous practice has shown that the future development of libraries is the world of RFID tag for books, because of its ability to actualize the purpose of enhancing working efficiency, reducing manual errors and improving the relationship between librarians and readers. And ultimately, the application of RFID tag for books will gradually replace traditional bar code and promote the development of library towards intelligent direction.

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